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De-Stress the Holidays

Need a personal gift elf to help give meaningful, fun gifts to your loved ones? Allow me to lend a hand with #1 Bestselling novels and one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Bible Jewelry.  

Cover Reveal & Rock Star: part deux Update!

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  DRUMROLL PLEASE! Cover Reveal! Major kudos to Yvonne of and to hubby, Mark of Couldn’t do this without you! Also:A general announcement to very sweet, patient, wonderful, forgiving, grace-filled fans of One Night With a Rock Star. Due to circumstances beyond my control–is life ever in our…


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My friends, I don’t know what else to do but try to type even though my hands shake so hard I can hardly do it and I can’t stop bawling. In prayer this morning God hit me so hard with the following. Honestly don’t know what to do with it besides weep a ton.

Get Rid of the High Places

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30/30 Prayer: Day 4 Get rid of the high places. In the records of the kings of Israel in the Bible, there would come along a king who served God. If he really meant business, he would even get rid of the “high places” of worship. What were those? High…

When I Am Weak…

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I’ve been combing through my journal entries from a few years back, reviewing the process of writing The Fall and came across this. Hopefully, those of you who think you don’t have what it takes to seek God on a regular basis will see there’s no surefire formula. He takes our weakness, and flows through

An Ultra-Ugly Topic

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Spiritual entities don’t die. They just change their clothes, so to speak, as they change the humans through which they manifest. The evil that flowed through Pharoahs and Caesars, Alexander the Great and Hitler, is still here. It just morphs to thrive in a new generation.

Strawberry Brownie Trifle

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We’re aiming for a healthier lifestyle, but when we do have dessert, we wanna hit it out of the ballpark. Here’s a favorite crowdpleaser that can be easily tweaked to go chocolatey or fruity depending on preference.

When Safety is Cruel

On December 5, 2013, Posted by , In Uncategorized, With 1 Comment

I dreamed last night I was a young girl of about seventeen attending a Christian summer camp. The real draw of this particular camp was the fact it was on a huge ranch with acres and acres of gorgeous fields, numerous horses, skilled cowpokes and amazing barns. As a country-raised gal, my anticipation was off-the-charts. However, after a procession of horses and demonstration of riding and roping skill, we were told the rules of the camp. Basically, we were to stay within the fences. All the cool stuff was off-limits.

Did Jesus’ Miracles really happen? Wrong question.

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It struck me this morning how the miracles of Jesus need to take place in all of us. Wait. Let’s make that even more personal.

The miracles of Jesus all need to take place in ME.

Virtual Cards for the BIG Days

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