We’re aiming for a healthier lifestyle, but when we do have dessert, we wanna hit it out of the ballpark. Here’s a favorite crowdpleaser that can be easily tweaked to go chocolatey or fruity depending on preference. (just substitute white cake for the brownie)

Bake your favorite brownies. (we usually try to go gluten-free. Trader Joe’s has a bagged G-F brand.) Let them cool.

Get a big bowl. We’ve even used a huge punch bowl for a really large crowd but a nice big see-through salad bowl will work well. You want to be able to see the layers because this is what’s called a “trifle.” It’s tasty, looks great and is almost impossible to mess up since you just build it up in layers.

Cut the brownie into chunks and put about 1/2 on the bottom of your bowl. Over that, layer fresh whipped cream with a tablespoon or two of maple syrup and a teaspoon of vanilla whipped in. Again, use about half for the first layer. (I usually get two of the little whipping cream cartons–or if ya want to go raw and healthy/more expensive, the raw milk whipped cream is available at Sprouts, Whole Foods or your favorite natural foods store–pricey though)

Here’s what makes this beautiful. Use fresh, sliced strawberries for the third layer. Leave a few of the prettier strawberries uncut to use for garnish on the very top.

Layer all this a second time–brownie chunks, whipped cream, strawberries. As I said, use the leftover whole strawberries to place in the middle of the top layer. You can add extra garnish if you like–mini chocolate chips, etc.

A little note: when doing the first layer of sliced strawberries, place a few around the edge to show from the outside.

This has gotten to be a preferred birthday dessert in our family. The pic was a double batch made in a large punch bowl.

BTW, when it’s all assembled, you need to keep it frozen so prepare a large, flat area in the freezer. Just place some sort of sealing wrap on it to keep it fresh. It’s best if you do this just a few hours before serving. Take it out about 20 minutes prior to serving so it can soften a bit. If you’re going to serve it right away, the fridge is fine.

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