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Allow me to introduce myself…

My life: Along with the full-time job of wife and homeschooling mom of four, I am an author. My first novel, THE FALL (Rapha Chronicles #1), tells the story of the fall of Lucifer and creation through the eyes of an angel, Rapha, who was once best friends with Lucifer. My second, One Night With a Rock Star, focuses on a good, countrybred gal who meets the rock star of her dreams–worlds collide. I’m very grateful both novels are Amazon Top-Rated and have hit #1 in several bestseller catagories. As you can see, I’m a bit of a genre-jumper. My next project is a biography. (I’ll tell a bit about it below.)

Two favorite books: The Bible is more than a book to me so I am excluding it from this short list. Therefore, my two favorite books would be J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy (forgive me if that’s cheating) & Gene Stratton Porter’s “Girl of the Limberlost,” a beautiful tale of a young woman raised without love who finds meaning and the means to clothe and educate herself through the riches of the Limberlost swamp. That novel is a naturalist’s dream.

Two favorite songs: You’ll laugh. I’ve told my family if ever I was in a coma, they should play Michael Jackson’s “Shake Your Body.” If there was the slightest trace of life in me I’d have to move. It’s hard to limit this to just one more since music ministers so deeply to me but I’ll choose Sting’s haunting tribute to his father, “Ghost Story.” It contains some of the most gorgeous lyrics ever written:

“What is the force that binds the stars? I wore this mask to hide my scars.

What is the power that pulls the tide? Never could find a place to hide.

What moves the earth around the sun? What could I do but run and run and run…

afraid to love afraid to fail… a mast without a sail.” (heavy sigh)

Favorite quote: There is a wonderful C.S. Lewis quote: “You do not have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body.” To ignore my spirituality would be to ignore what will last for eternity. Besides, I have found my deepest meaning and fulfillment through prayer, communion with my Father God. Prayer gives direction and purpose to every other pursuit and relationship.

Favorite web sites: Miscellaneous Creativity (my creative hubby’s site), 24/7 Prayer, CrossReads, The Pioneer Woman, Steve Quayle.com, and Unleashed Beauty—in whatever order the current mood dictates.

My hero: Jesus, all the way. Even though He is the Son of God, He took on the role of a servant and obeyed all the way to the cross. Therefore He fulfilled God’s highest calling for His life and made a way for ALL to return to Father God. My deepest desire is to fulfill God’s highest calling for my life and Jesus is the best example there is. There are a couple normal human examples, though, who show that mere mortals can make a huge difference in eternity—Mother Teresa and Kemper Crabb. I am working on the biography of the latter—he worked alongside Mother T. and has built hundreds of churches and orphanages, even hospitals, in Africa, India, China and other third world locales.

A spiritual lesson I hope to learn: I hope to learn that the spiritual really does trump the physical realm. It’s easy enough to say I believe in God’s power and that I know Christ’s life, death and resurrection give me authority over darkness, but dang, the darkness can sure be overwhelming. Please God, give me faith!

My favorite place in the world to feel spiritually connected: Anywhere there is heartfelt worship music and people singing praise is wonderful, but my favorite place to “be still and know He is God” is an old barn that was next to my parent’s property when I was growing up. That barn became my quiet retreat and a sort of weather-beaten cathedral for me. I featured that barn as one of the main “characters” in my novel One Night With a Rock Star. Even nowadays, just to close my eyes and see that quiet, dusty, bleached wood with the huge openings on the top level that framed views of the East and West horizons, ah! My heart slows, the daily grind fades away and I’m soothed by a wave of peace. By the way, the name of our publishing company? Old Barn Press.

Restoration Time

Michael Gungor’s “Dry Bones” was just the ticket today. Lifting Christ up puts everything into perspective. Many thanks, Gungor!

Do yourself a favor–click the link, (or cut and paste as the case may be) put your hands over your earbuds, close your eyes and focus everything on God.

When Life Gets Yucky–Gimme a Barn

Have just been feelin’ kinda yucky today and the stories about Herman Cain aren’t helping ‘cause I see how easily a person’s reputation can be defamed—whether the tales are true or not.

And just now, I read about a Bengals cheerleader, 26 yr-old married gal who had lies posted about her online and then her career and reputation are shot when people just wanted to make a buck by posting sensational stuff.

It seriously makes me NOT want to go any further with gaining notoriety and makes me realize how easily hatefully motivated people could slice and dice someone.

But, You know this won’t stop me, God. I’m committed to obeying and forging forward in Your power, willing to make a difference in any way You decide. I pray for Your supernatural direction, favor, connections, power, wisdom, patience and tons more wisdom to handle how favorable or how defamatory, how much or how little notoriety comes my way. You are already there, Lord, and You provide grace for the moment, not for fearful little glimpses of what “might” be.

I give You all the fear, all the dread, all the striving, all the pressure, all the need to just find an accommodating barn in the middle of nowhere and hide.

Ooh that sounds good.

Now this is what I call a chapel! From google images of Old Barns

A little about me—I’m a mom of four and wife to the best man alive. Inside, I’m Laura Ingalls Wilder living life in the suburbs of southern California. I try to channel Martha Stewart, but our household generally feels more like The Keystone Cops.

There are many things I could be passionate about, but just a few that make the difference, for me, between a life well lived and a life frittered away. Those things that spur me on to fewer regrets and more than my fair share of joy and fun—those are the topics discussed here. My areas of expertise are few and any knowledge was beaten into my skull by hard knocks. But if, somehow, the gold discovered in the midst of crisis can spare you a lump or two—yea!

Mostly, I’m a bemused traveler gleaning from much wiser brains than my own. I’m sure you qualify in that department, that you have your own unique story and nuggets that could help the rest of us, so please share.

It’s hard to find a kind corner in this world—a place where you’re heard and can gain perspective to handle life’s craziness. I hope this site can be where The Keystone Cops throw on the brakes for a chat, a cup of tea and piece of cake on the honey-suckle-scented porch of Little House on the Prairie.

One lump or two?