One Night With a Rock Star–Early Bird Reviews

One Night With a Rock Star is coming in May 2013 but I’m just busting with excitement as we finalize the cover image and reactions from advance readers start to come in. 

“My heart just races and my smile is lit up the entire time!”~Hannah

“AAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! I cannot put down this book!!!! I was planning on perusing just 10 pages every day, since I’m generally a slow reader; but ONWARS is out-of-control magnetic!!! Your story has not only drawn me in, but it’s preempted all other daily obligations!!!! Ahhhh!!!! This is righteous romanticism in full bloom, and I wish that I’d read it when I was 18 years old!” ~Gina

Yep, I’m one grateful author. Can’t wait to share it!


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  1. Wanna get in on the fun? Go to the top of the page and click on "One Night With a Rock Star (Chapter One)"


    🙂 Chana

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