When I woke this morning about 1 ½ hours past when I had planned to, the first thought from God as I glared at the clock was, “Who is your God?”

Boom! As usual, He cuts right to the heart of the issue.

Is my God the clock by which I judge how well I start today’s agenda? 

Is my God my kids when one of them is in a funk I can’t fix? 

Is my God the stats on Amazon that tell me whether someone loves or hates what I write? 

Or is it that nasty tape in my head reciting the list of my myriad shortcomings? 

Once again the definition of idolatry rings in my heart:

  • Whatever you think about the most
  • Whatever you talk about the most
  • Whatever controls your emotions,
  • That is your God.

Therefore, priority one:

God is on the throne. Period.

All else, even the “good things” are kicked off.

If this process needs repeating every ten minutes, so be it.

“You shall have no other gods before Me.”

Exodus 20:2-4 & Deuteronomy 5:7


Chana is wife of one, mom to four and bestselling author of two. She brakes for old barns, chai, homemade cookies and any time someone needs to watch Pride & Prejudice.

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