The Touch of the Master’s Hand

To our modern ears, the concept of servant or submission sounds horrible. The thought of subjecting our will to God’s will sounds reprehensible, especially since most authority on display around us is self-seeking, power hungry or just flat-out evil.

But the biblical concept of “losing our lives for Christ’s sake” is truly the only path to personal freedom, fulfillment and discovering the joy of our own uniqueness. Losing ourselves in Christ, as we melt into His all-pervading love, is where we discover purpose, joy and freedom from life’s wounds that have wrapped ’round our hearts and minds like chains binding a glorious bird to the earth. That bird was created to soar.

There’s an old poem that expresses this concept so well: “The Touch of the Master’s Hand.” The poem sets the scene of an auction. The last item up for bidding is an old, battered violin. The auctioneer holds up this sad relic and practically has to beg the crowd to offer even a dollar. However, an old man comes out of the crowd, takes the violin, tunes it, rosins the bow and proceeds to play. The music is glorious. The crowd gasps. The old man hands the violin back to the auctioneer. The bidding resumes. This time, the bids are for thousands of dollars. The true beauty and value of the violin was revealed through “the touch of the Master’s Hand.”

Like that violin, when we submit to our Heavenly Father’s will, He reveals our pricelessness to a jaded, cynical world. He restores us. He takes us from life’s rubbish heap and, over time as we trust His expert love and allow the life of His Son to flow through, God repairs, heals and puts us back in tune.

Therefore, submitting to God is the exact opposite of slavery. His love restores us to freedom and reveals our priceless uniqueness.

“If you lose your life for My sake, you will find it.”

In God’s loving hands, submission is sweet. We submit. He heals and restores. Our chains are cut. We soar. In His hands, we make beautiful music.

“The people called out, ‘But what made the change? We don’t understand.’
The auctioneer stopped and he said with a smile, “it was the touch of the Master’s hand.’”

God’s plan is not to harm but to bring you back to wholeness. As you heal, others will follow. His music through you shows a pain-filled world the way to healing and freedom.

Chana is a child of the one true king, wife to the best man alive and mom to four VERY unique human beings. Please check out her books on Amazon

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