The Great Exchange

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The Great Exchange

30/30 Prayer Challenge: Day 3

I stumble out of bed. Fatigue and nagging pain scream this is silly, that my time, especially in such a helpless state, would be better spent asleep. Yes I’m weak. Yes, I’m needy. Yes, I’m aware there’s no good in me to face the day. My need is raw and vital. There is nowhere else to go. No one else has the words of life. No one else Is life.

Already I’m grateful. Grateful for the pain? Yes, because it leaves no doubt where strength lies. It leaves no doubt that without Christ, I am an empty shell. With Him filling this broken, leaky vessel, life has meaning, I have hope even in the pain. I am useful because I yield myself to His loving hands. Not my will but thine be done. Not my kingdom, all for Yours. Please take my nothingness. Thank You for giving me Your faultless, loving, powerful life in place of mine. I give everything—all of me, all I have, every breath, every desire, every failing, every love—this thimble-full of substance—and find that the Almighty God gives me, in return, all of Himself. Life for death. Hope for despair. Strength for weakness. Selfless love for self-centeredness. Peace for strife.

I’d call that a great exchange.

Child of the One True King, wife to the best man alive, mom to four VERY unique human beings & author of two bestsellers:

The Fall

One Night With a Rock Star

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