Tell Me Again Why I’m Doing This?


What do you get when you take a gorgeous backyard, candlelight, yummy cake, pineapple, tropical juice, several avid readers, a cute dog and the luxury of two relaxed hours?  For me, it was just what the doctor ordered.

This week’s book club get-together discussing THE FALL, with it’s Garden of Eden theme–clear down to real fig leaves (don’t worry, we used them as coasters)–couldn’t have been more perfect or have come at a better time.

Only about three of us in the group labeled ourselves as regular church attendees so the discussion was lively, with a little debate thrown in, but mostly it was a meeting of minds all desiring to know God better.

What was really cool was that each had gotten something valuable out of THE FALL and felt closer to God because of it.  We had a good laugh when one gal said she had jumped into the story with no clue as to the direction it was going so her initial reaction to Lucifer’s character had been, “This Luc guy sounds like he’s headed for major trouble!”

The ladies loved the “sexy” parts but were quick to thank me that the content was not explicit, blowing my assumptions of what to expect from a less “church-ey” crowd. (Hurray, there are others like me who firmly believe mystery is way more romantic!)Pillaging the “Eden” goodies–lack of focus my fault–no rum involved

Through the process of answering questions, I got to re-live those early months of awe and even fear when God was encouraging me to take a giant step outside the realm of “safe” theology.

It was such a wonderful confirmation to hear folks at many different stages of their spiritual walk discuss how the story touched them and even answered some of their tough faith questions—or at least made them feel accepted in their questioning.

At the end of the evening our hostess told me she was a new Christian—three years into the journey—her Dad had recently died and her Mom is fighting cancer.  She had felt very disconnected from God but said reading THE FALL had touched her and made her feel reconnected. This fellow posed for me earlier in the day–sign of rebirth?

The gratitude in her eyes rekindled what is at the heart of The Rapha series–to represent God’s true character so that those who have rejected or felt rejected by Him open their hearts to give Him another shot. 

I guess sometimes you can forget the worth of a treasure you hold in your hand.  Last night I got to see my novel through the eyes of those viewing it for the first time, minus the shadow of marketing pressure.  Their joy of discovery helped me remember why I’m on this journey—to know God and make Him known.

Thanks to Melanie W. for setting this up and thank you to all the ladies for re-energizing a weary writer! 

Chana is a wife, mom of four and author. She and her family reside in Southern California.  Her first novel, THE FALL (Rapha Chronicles #1) recently topped Amazon’s Hebrew/Old Testament Bestseller Category and hit #9 in Science Fiction/Fantasy.  Chana brakes for homemade chocolate chip cookies, old barns and anytime one of her kids suggests watching “Pride and Prejudice.”


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