Today I’m inviting a friend, Tanya, to sound off on her take of what has been presented so far in Writer’s Journal–the story behind the writing of THE FALL.  We had a chance to chat in Tulsa at last week’s Starbucks Meet-n-Greet.  The next day, I received this feedback. 

I especially loved her comment, “I’ve always thought it sucked that it was like, ‘Oh, Eve was so dumb and vulnerable. Satan got to her first because she was the weaker, more emotional one, and couldn’t resist the apple.’ Gag. What an insult to women, our strength, our intelligence.”

Please add your own thoughts to the discussion!


Thanks Tanya for letting me post your note 🙂

Hi Chana, I read your entire blog last night and we listened to the CD. Here are some initial reactions:

This doesn’t sound as “out there” to me as it may “feel” like it is to you.

I love the picture you’ve painted of Eden and Adam and Eve. The idea that they were young, the garden as a type of “university”, the trees as angels, the Tree of Life as Jesus, Tree of K o G and E as Lucifer. There is a LOT I could say about why I like this view so much, and my reflections, but I’ll save that for a later time.

I have always thought of the temptation of Lucifer as rather sexual in nature. I always thought there was “more” to the story we weren’t getting.

Have you ever thought about these things:

a. The “serpent” was more beautiful. Serpent does not have to even mean an “animal” in the traditional sense as what we think. Perhaps it was a very “man-like” creature.

b. The “serpent” had to take on a fallic form for the rest of time. Hmmmm. . . .

c. Do not “eat” it (listen to and partake of its knowledge”), or “touch” it. It gives the word “touch” a whole new meaning and explains why this was even in Eve’s consciousness — why she “added” to what God said. I picture her being touched and seduced while she said this, a feeble attempt to say, “You’d better leave me alone.”

d. Woman and Lucifer became “united”, as “man and wife” so to speak at that moment. Part of the curse was the enmity between them. God-ordained “divorce”, if you will. Now Satan and Woman are constantly at war.

e. Before the “union,” Lucifer enticed Eve, no doubt, with words about her beauty. After the “divorce”, like a lover-scorned, he has since been telling woman how ugly she is. In Eden, he obviously did not believe Eve was ugly. I know you said he seduced her because of his lust for power. I also think he actually lusted Woman. My hunch is that he still lusts woman to this day.

f. It is interesting to note that the curse was not, “Your back will hurt”, or you will have “pain as you work hard in the fields.” No, it was pain in child-bearing — child-bearing being directly tied to sex.

g. Of course you mentioned the covering of the private parts and not the mouth and hands. Love this.

h. I’ve always thought it sucked that it was like, “Oh, Eve was so dumb and vulnerable. Satan got to her first because she was the weaker, more emotional one, and couldn’t resist the apple.” Gag. What an insult to women, our strength, our intelligence. Eve was the ultimate strong, intelligent woman! It makes much more sense that she was seduced.

i. I’ve always thought it was so dumb that she handed this piece of “fruit” to Adam and he ate. I mean, was he really that dumb? “Gee, God said not to eat a piece of fruit. That sure does look good! Think I’ll risk displeasing Father God for a bite of pomegranate!” I think not! I’ve always swallowed this line of thinking though “by faith,” realizing there was something here I didn’t “know.” It makes much more sense to me that Eve would have seduced Adam!!!

j. “Their eyes were opened and they realized they were naked.” Okay, so they eat a piece of fruit and they realize they are naked?? Again, seems like a real leap!! It makes much more sense that, as two teens caught in the moment of passion, they “finished” and suddenly when the emotional and hormonal fog cleared, not to mention their “innocence” stripped away, they they looked at each other, in embarrassment and realized they were “naked.”

k. I’ve always thought it strange that God was present in Eden, Holy Spirit was present as “the breath of life.” Lucifer was present, but Jesus seemed to be MIA. I knew He existed since beginning of time as God’s Son, and He was present at creation (“Let US make man in OUR image”). When you presented Him as being “The Tree of Life” I thought, “Oh, THERE you are, Jesus!” This thought just made me happy, for some reason! It really makes sense.

l. Also, you may not “eat of the fruit” of the K of G and E. Literally, the “trees” were “alive” and “speaking” as you said, as angels. Literally God was saying, “Don’t listen to him, don’t visit with him. You may visit, listen to, learn from all of the other angels in the garden and partake of their knowledge.” It makes more sense that God would say this than simply, “Don’t eat that fruit.” I know you’ve already basically said that, but it just excited me to mention it again! It makes more sense!

There is a lot more I could say but I had to at least give you these initial reactions.

Great work, Chana! I, for one, don’t think you are losing your mind. Ha!

Thanks Tanya.  It’s so exciting to hear that it affects your faith the same way it does mine.

Please keep the discussion going!


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