I wrote the following in the wee morning hours last Saturday when I was still too buzzed on caffeine and the love of awesome, long-standing (will NOT say “old”) friendship to sleep. The manager at the 51st and Harvard Starbucks blew me away with her graciousness, generosity and just good ol’ Southern hospitality.  Many blessings on all who made this humble book kick-off into a precious memory of Patronus magnitude! (a little something for the Harry Potter fans 🙂 

Friday, August 5, 2011

It’s actually 1:15 a.m. here in T-town.  I am in a stupor of disbelief at how amazing this evening’s “Impromptu Presentation” at the 51st and Harvard Starbucks was.  I SOO need to sleep but my mind just keeps flitting from one sweet/amazing/dumbfounding example of overwhelming grace and favor to another.Most of the Meet-n-Greet peeps plus our incredible Starbucks hosts!

When I arrived, Susan Anderson and David Smith were already there then Kim and Louis Drapp soon joined.  That took us back to mine and Mark’s newlywed days with One Accord Church and Fiery Brothers Music.  Oldest friends of all in Tulsa.  Pretty soon, Bob And Andrea showed up with their three.  Then Sherri Davis and Jon and Tanya Baker arrived with the whole Palmer tribe (Adam, Michelle, Emma, Noah, Dot, Charlotte, Constance–and my McKenna) close on their heels.  And all the while, the manager and workers of Starbucks just kept blessing us with free stuff—pastries, drinks, samples, more pastries, taking pictures for us—they never stopped.  With our Starbucks “Goody Bags.” So many times I was brought to tears at the graciousness and deep memories of all these precious friends. 

Plus, it felt so fulfilling at one point when Jon, Tanya and Sherri were discussing THE FALL’s premise with me.  Just felt God’s love and grace descend as I could see them absorbing some of the wonder of those early-morning prayer sessions four years ago.  What a release to finally get to talk about all this!

And the employees!  They started opening up about their aims and dreams—one, Sara, to be a fashion designer (incredible artist!) and Ron, he of the secret Starbucks nectar, to go back to L.A. as a band promoter.  Ron, you would rock H’wood!  Precious, precious people abounding on all sides. Even got to meet Ron’s wife and beautiful baby boy!The Awesome 51st and Harvard Starbucks Crew! Jan, Sara and Ron

I’m one very grateful, amazed chick—who really needs to sleep while I can… we’re pulling out around 5 a.m. to head to Albuquerque and then on to CA.  But they gave me a VENTI Dirty Chai.  On top of the emotional buzz, it’s got me swingin’ from the rafters.  (But man was it good 🙂

THANK YOU 51st and Harvard Starbucks in Tulsa, OK!!  You treated us like FAMILY! 



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