My first book customer-Msr. MikeLet me tell you a bit about my featured customer and first to purchase a copy of THE FALL.  Monsignor Mike Slattery of Blessed Kateri Catholic Church is a daily bright spot in my morning.  And if you can’t tell from the pic, he’s a stinker.  His favorite greeting is to try to startle me and since I usually sit with my back to the room, this is fairly easily accomplished.  He’s a font of wisdom but usually prefers to make me laugh rather than dazzle with theology.  When I started writing at Starbucks every morning about five years ago, I never expected to gain such wonderful coffee shop cronies like Father Mike.  What lovely fringe benefits!

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ISO ???

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4 Responses

  1. Welcome to the family of Authors. Up til now, you were a writer, now you're an author. Was I right? Don't they smell special? I wish you many, many more boxes on your doorstop. And may you be as blessed by your readers as I have been. I hope to become one of them soon. Love you, and CONGRATULATIONS! Now the hard part begins. Susan ;D)

  2. You cannot believe my elation for you! And I am a very proud owner of the fifth copy sold! Having watched you in the wee hours pounding away at the keyboard, or deep in thought over your steamy tea, I am so happy to have been a barista on the side of the path toward this! You are a true inspiration for writers like me, and I someday hope join the ranks of "authordom"!
    Love and smiles always!

  3. Sarah–In tears here 🙂

    I told and re-told my story of you shrieking in the middle of Trader Joe's and running to the back to "write a check right now!" You blessed me beyond belief. Yes, you were there (what, five years ago?) when I became a regular fixture at S.B's! My kids still like to hear about you coming over to my table at Halloween (2007?) to slap a sticker on me, put a piece of candy on the table and say, "You've been BOO-ed!" We went around the rest of the day following your lead! So fun!
    Enjoy the book, Miss Owner-of-copy-#5!

    You've been HUGGED!


  4. Susan,

    Your encouragement and voice of experience is absolutely priceless. Man, you got that right about "now the hard part begins." And to think I thought the writing was the hard part! I can't wait to take a break and dive back into big-time writing 🙂 It's so therapeutic, as you well know. Thank you so much for those prayers. Aw, yeah!

    Hugs to you, Glen and your whole fam!


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