I Am getting lost in Michael Gungor’s music this morning.  It possesses all the untamed beauty and freshness of Sigur Ros but with a total anointed-and-God-breathed quality.

It blew me away when I started listening to the “Ghosts on the Earth” album that one of the tracks is called “The Fall” and the piece as a whole follows the creation, fall, restoration cycle of the Bible.  Wow.  As I absorbed the first few tracks, scenes from THE FALL would play out–heartrending, fun, epic, or blindingly beautiful–the music wrapped around the mental pictures like a butter-smooth leather glove.  

That type of art requires full-time focus and attention, as I’m discovering every day, not just to create but also distribute.  It’s so much like a tremendous garden.  There’s the work of stirring up and preparing the soil, then the planning, planting, marking, weeding and daily attention even when harvesting.  It’s constant prayer and babying and wooing and staying faithful to continue seeing it through.  It never ends.  But God directs every phase of the journey. 

I realize I’m late in coming to the Gungor Discovery Party, but enjoy this amazing song then dive in to discover the rest. 





Click the link at the top of the page to order your copy of The Rapha Chronicles, Book 1: THE FALL

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