God’s Way–Simple And Profound

As I was praying this morning and asking God to work through me to touch lives and help spark major revival, He said something surprising, unexpected and yet so “Oh yeah, I get it.”

He said, “The fact that you keep on, day after day, in spite of the obstacles and confusion is a miracle in itself. You just keep doing what you’ve been called to do, calmly writing your stories that bring a piece of heaven to people, and let me handle what you’re not able to do.”

All that to basically give me encouragement and to say, “keep it up.”

It just sounds so simple. Ya mean I’m not supposed to adopt five kids and start prayer rooms and focus on conquering the internet and/or Amazon?  Not that there’s anything wrong with those things, but my calling is to get up each day and Pray, Listen, Write.

As Mark got up to prepare for his workout, I thought of the stars, how they just keep shining every night, how they stay where they are doing what they’re supposed to do. I had to laugh because if that was me I’d be thinking, “Shouldn’t I be streaking across the sky or doing something a bit more flashy?”

It’s very hard to unplug from the world’s way of thinking that flashier is better—that making people go “Wow!” is better than being like the reliable source of energy hidden in our walls that tends to be there when we plug in—when we need it—without calling attention to itself or using all that energy for one big lightning strike into the sky.

I’m not called to be impressive—to make an impression—but rather to be faithful, steady, reliable and fulfilled in my Father’s pleasure.


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One Response

  1. Chana,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog today. I thought I would return the favor, so here I am reading your post! As a tribute to the title – your post itself is simple and profound, yet a deep fathom.

    And that is the beauty of our faith in God. Simple. Profound. A deep fathom. Loved the paragraph about the stars the keep shining like they're supposed to do. A simple obedience to the creator.

    FYI – I popped on over to Amazon and purchased your book for the Kindle. I have a large TBR pile but your book intrigues me – I WILL get to it. It sounds boldly enchanting.

    thanks again for the ethereal cyber visit and blessings to you, your husband, & family,


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