Christmas in July–Gifts Galore on July 10!

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Christmas in July–Gifts Galore on July 10!

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On July 10, I am doing a huge Bestseller email campaign–for 24 hours only–for THE FALL.

Projected reach for the campaign is AT LEAST 500,000.

Benefits of becoming a Bestseller Campaign partner:

1. Bring a wonderful, benefit-laden, astounding offer to your subscribers
2. Huge potential for growing your subscriber list
3. The fun of being a part of a grassroots campaign

Here’s how to become a partner.  Simply commit to send out a solo email (provided to you by me a week in advance–I’ll also send a reminder the day before) for the campaign on July 10, 2012.

That’s it.

However, to direct even more traffic to you, add in a bonus gift to sweeten the pot for the customers then YOU will be featured on the sales page for the campaign.  A bonus could be a beneficial article, ebook, video, or other download (that you have rights to of course).  Again, if you add in a bonus gift, your pic, blurb, link to your site and description of the bonus will be part of the professional, appealing sales email for July 10.  When customers access the bonus downloads after purchase, they come to YOUR site!

So far, my partners have pledged 38 free ebooks (topics ranging from novels to spiritual renewal to encouraging teens toward sexual responsibility) and sample chapters of a soon-to-be-released YA fantasy.  All for purchasing one $15 copy of THE FALL!

Please contact me if you want to be part of the fun on July 10. 

Many blessings!
FB: The Rapha Chronicles

THE FALL (Rapha Chronicles #1)–a biblical, speculative retelling of ancient times through the eyes of an angel who was once best friends with Lucifer.

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  1. Paula says:

    Chana, I'd love to add my first draft edition of 43 Faithful Choices: Making Your Marriage Stick – but your contact page didn't work, please let me know how to give it to you for your July 10th event.

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