Baby Pearl Joy with Daddy, Eric BrownI read her story yesterday.  It broke my heart.  But what really shredded me were the comments from folks coming down on her parents for “wasting” so much money on a child whose health is a hopeless cause, and for fighting so hard to keep her alive when every day includes painful seizures, feeding tubes, and the possibility that this day may be her last.

Read Baby Pearl’s story here:

My reply?  We need Baby Pearl.  God truly is able to make beauty from pain and, in Pearl’s case, we desperately need to see the overwhelming love of her parents for this precious, hurting child whom most think has no future. Ya see, Pearl Joy is a beautiful picture of how most of us feel on the inside.  We believe we are unlovable, deformed and dispensable.  We need to see this love for Baby Pearl because it’s an amazing picture of God’s overwhelming love that would and has gone to any lengths to reach us, save us and love us with a compassion and determination that far outstrips the devotion of Pearl’s parents.

But there’s the rub.  So many of those who read Pearl’s story pointed the blame at God—many giving this as further evidence of why they believe there is no God and seizing the opportunity to berate those who have faith in Him.

Here’s the scenario: God has been there all along, ready to love, but Evil has also been in our world, the bully on the playground of life who whacks us over the head then points the finger at God and says, “He did it!”

Please stop falling for it.

I kindly offer that those doing the most attacking feel anger toward God because they have painful experiences in their lives and they reject an almighty God who did not rush in on a white horse to save them.  It’s a horrible, hard truth that unconscionable things happen in our world.   But that fact does not prove an absence of God.  Rather, it proves God allows us free will.

We embrace our freedom, fight for our freedom, then we blame God that human free will has caused so much suffering.  Talk about unfair.

What would we say of a God who forced us to bow, allowed only perfection and took away our power of choice?  We would label him a dictator and tyrant.  In fact, such a leader existed only a few short decades ago—Hitler.  Anyone who did not measure up to Hitler’s idea of a forced Utopia didn’t deserve to live. 

No, we can’t fully explain everything that caused Baby Pearl to enter this world robbed of a “normal” life.  But if our hearts are open, we might just see ourselves in that troubled but loved little face and realize our Heavenly Father loves us more passionately than a human parent ever could.  When God looks at you, He doesn’t see too-far-gone, and worthless.  He sees a hurting individual that He would move heaven and earth to love.

And by the way, He’s already done that part.  Jesus is no myth.  He was and is the price paid to make a way back to God’s loving arms.

The cross at Real Life Church last Easter–crafted from our junk

Just turn to Him with all your anger, self-hate, unanswered questions, guilt and blame.  Stop kicking at Him long enough to hear His heart.  He really is there.  Willing to wait until you’re desperate enough to reach back. 

So before revving up to post a hate-filled message against God and us idiots who believe in Him, say this out loud: (I double-dog dare you)

God, if you’re real, I give all of myself to you. If there’s relationship with you through Jesus, I ask for it.  I ask you into my life.  I give you all myself, the good, bad and ugly, and choose to trust that Jesus’ blood, shed on the cross—becoming a curse for me to break the curse over me—is the key to knowing you.  Please open my eyes, ears and heart to see evidence of your love even in this hurting world.

Now breathe. 

Shrug off the stuff you’ve been using as a shield against God. 

Tell Him “thank you” for something good in your life. (Everyone has something.)

Like the Bible says, be still and know that he is God.  (This is the hardest part)

Breathe and reach back.

I want to hear back from you—but please wait a week to do it.  Go through the next seven days looking for ways that God proves he’s there for you.  When they happen, write them down.  If nothing happens, write that down.

Please, take the time to try to prove this idiot wrong.

Chana is a wife, mom of four, and bestselling author of two. She resides in Southern CA with her family and a menagerie of pets. She brakes for chocolate, old barns and just about any version of Pride and Prejudice.

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2 Responses

  1. Excellent post. Those outside of the Father are blinded and cannot see the beauty and the gift of this little girl, the love and devotion of her parents, and the blessings she brings to them. What a sweet girl. Praying for her comfort and her parents perseverance and strength to fight each new day.

  2. Thank you, April. It's circumstances like this that point us to a loving God who embraces us in our pain.

    Blessings on you,

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