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A Blog Giveaway of THE FALL

On December 6, 2011, Posted by , In The Rapha Chronicles Book 1 THE FALL, With No Comments

I am receiving some much-needed-and-appreciated encouragement today.  My incredible author friend, Laurisa White Reyes, is hosting a giveaway contest of THE FALL and has included the book trailer and an excerpt for her readers.  It’s so exciting to read such positive reviews from complete strangers and have a boost of hope that this book venture can take on momentum to get “out there!”

Here’s the link to Laurisa’s blog.

Please pray and, if you haven’t already, please post a review on Amazon, on Intermedia Publishing, on Facebook, spraypainted on overpasses, skywriting and anywhere else you can think of.




Click the link at the top of the page to order your copy of The Rapha Chronicles, Book 1: THE FALL

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