💕 ☆☆☆ ANNABELLE: A Ghostly Texas Tale 💕 ☆☆☆

Woohoo! It’s Brand New, Gorgeous & Available to give in time for Christmas! (Thanks to Disney artist Scott Seeto & Yvonne Parks of Pear Creative for ANNABELLE’S A-Mazing cover.)

Hats off to Disney Artist Scott Seeto & Yvonne Parks of Pear Creative for ANNABELLE’S Gorgeous cover!

A once-grand house, neglected and abused. A young family on the brink of meltdown. Rumors of a resident ghost? That’s the least of their problems.
When Jansen and Kate Walden move from the West Coast to small town Texas, they hope a fresh start will help their shredded family heal. But adding huge renovation bills and unexpected hardships only pushes them closer to tragedy. In their darkest moments, light and hope come from a very surprising source. But is there enough magic left in the old Pedigo Manor to keep Jansen & Kate from making tragic mistakes? Contains a complete study guide for families or book clubs. Discussion topics include: Anger, Bullying, Pornography, Sexual Responsibility, Addiction, Shame, Fidelity in Marriage, Supernatural Power of Prayer, Spiritual Mysteries, Fear of Aging, and Spiritual Warfare.

“I’m not much on scary stories. I’ve had The Shining sitting on my Kindle for over a year and I’m scared to read it! But this ghost story wasn’t the type to give you nightmares. Instead, I fell in love with the “ghost” of Annabelle. The story of the Waldens is one I can relate to, having a husband who travels, and having to deal with kids and life on my own much of the time. It’s so easy to become detached from each other. I loved the honesty of this story, and I enjoyed watching the family work through their challenges. I could just picture this gorgeous house, kind of like the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland! And can I say I absolutely love the cover? This is another must-read story by the talented Chana Keefer! Entertaining, but full of hope.”
This one has been a looooong time in the works and I’m thrilled to unveil ANNABELLE. Can’t wait to get this wonderful, entertaining, healing, inspiring novel into as many hands as possible!

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