You Be About MY Business, & I’ll Be About Yours

“You be about MY business, and I’ll be about yours.”

Those were the words in my head this morning when I popped wide awake at 5:30 am after too little sleep. We’re in the middle of a house hunt with several Open Houses on the agenda but God made sure to put priorities back in order right off the bat.

Today, we’ll step foot into the homes of strangers all over our southern California valley. This opportunity doesn’t even come at Halloween when those same people would stop us at the door with a bowl of candy. But how often do I remember that my job in life, a task I took on wholeheartedly when I professed my undying devotion to Christ and gave my life to Him, is to “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven?”A peek into our home prep whirlwind. This was Paint Day!

Answer? Not often enough.

You be about MY business, and I’ll be about yours.

I have no excuse. When writing Kemper Crabb’s memoir, SERVANT OF THE KING, Kemper reminded me over and over that, our words are what trigger the salvation process. Romans 8:28 says, “If you will confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and will believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.”  What we say triggers our own redemption, but Kemper always drove home the point that, when we give our lives to Christ, our job from then on is to speak redemption, to be Jesus’ agents of redemption everywhere we go.Our house cleaned up pretty good!

We as the Body of Christ have access in countless arenas wherever God has planted us. Let’s make today, wherever we go, whoever we talk to, whatever we do, about HIS Kingdom first.

Holy Father, wherever I go today, I will see people you love. May I not see them as good people or screwed-up people, or addicts, or poor or rich but may I see them as Your beloved children who are worth the price of the most precious subtance our world has ever known: the blood of Christ. Help me whisper Your blessing over everywhere I set my foot. May I proclaim Your redemption over all I see and may I see ALL through Your eyes. May I truly BE Your hands and feet and arms of love and VOICE of redemption in this hurting, dying, desperate world. Here I am, Lord. Please speak through me today. YOUR Kingdom come. YOUR will be done.

In my Lord and Savior Jesus’ name, Amen.

Chana Keefer is wife of one, mom of four and best selling author of five. (with a new literary baby on the way!)

Chana lives in Southern California with her amazing husband, four radically unique kids and a Siberian Husky who reminds her how to enjoy every moment.

Connect with Chana on:



Periscope (@chanakeefer just like Twitter)

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