I’m not much of a techno-geek.  If you wanna watch me break out in hives, force me to stay in Best Buy for more than five minutes–shudder.

However, last night, I became a bit of a convert when my awesome hubby and I watched Paypal print out shipping labels–tracking numbers, postage, both addresses and all–right on our little needs-to-be-replaced printer.  I’m still a bit nervous about letting some important detail slip through the cracks, but with my awesome hubby and Paypal, there’s light in that-there tunnel!

So, I’m forced once more to be the old-dog-learning-new-tricks as I discover this whole United States Postal Service thing you can do online!  Who knew!?

Okay, probably everyone besides me, but regardless, I’m feeling positively techno-savvy today!                     

Chana Keefer is the sister, daughter, and granddaughter of pastors.
Her fresh perspective stems from a background in journalism,
missions, acting, and writing for print and live theater. Her favorite
things are God, family, and the written word but she also brakes for
chocolate, old barns, and people who live passionately. She and her
family reside in southern California. Check out her first novel, THE FALL, available NOW at www.chanakeefer.com/buythefall (top corner-this page 🙂

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