God has to stretch my limited viewpoint, and often He uses dreams to do this. Take my ability to intercede for those who seem to have it all. I guess it was time for some stretching.

Had some wonderful dreams last night.  In the first, we were watching some kind of music awards show on TV when a top singing star (a sort of combo of Madonna & Lady Gaga) got up on the stage with her husband and proceeded to make a public apology and pronouncement of faith.  We were all kind of questioning, “Is this the latest publicity stunt?” But the sincerity, tears and even the choice to appear without make-up were very convincing. Madonna-Google ImagesBut it really clenched things when she brought her two grown children up to apologize to them for being a bad example and for not leading them toward God. Wow. That tore me up. Plus, there was no denying her eyes were totally different—no longer proud and defiant but humble, calm and sincere. 

Image of Lindsay Lohan from abcnews.go.com

The next phase of the dreams involved my family and I in a rather quaint, older part of town. We were meeting with friends from church for some kind of service project. The key was who was with me—Lindsay Lohan. We were just strolling, doing our job and chatting as if she was one of the young folk we’ve sort of adopted into the family. At one point I mentioned that it looked like she had lost weight. I said, “Is this a good or bad thing?” and she replied, “It’s good this time,” indicating that it was a healthy weight loss, not caused by drugs or anything else harmful. Then a car was coming down the street and I found myself pulling her a bit further onto the sidewalk, just something a mom would do out of natural protectiveness. It was wonderful to see her with her natural haircolor, normal clothes and not having to play a role for fame. She was just wholesome, calm and happy. 

When I woke, I told my hubby about the dreams and we prayed and cried (okay, I cried) for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Lindsay, and others who are caught in the Hollywood/fame game. They are lured in by their own desire to “be somebody” and then their individuality is sucked away while they’re used as puppets to pull other young people into the same trap. It’s God’s way though, to remind that these people are not the enemy. Rather than point the finger and rage against their evil influence, I should focus on praying for them, holding tight to that picture of transformation and fulfillment in the loving arms of God.

This is why the promise of revival begins with “my people who are called by My name.” That’s us, the Body of Christ.

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, I will forgive their sin and I will heal their land.

That means time spent seeking God, basking in His presence and allowing Him to transform us with His fulfilling love, so much so that it overflows in compassion and gut-wreching prayers we would normally reserve for family and dear friends. That’s the spark of revival. That’s the dream I long to see as reality, that we, the Body of Christ, would realize we strive not against flesh and blood. They are not the enemy. And when we remember that, when we intercede for them with passion and fearless love straight from God’s heart, then we’ll see revival

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