My friends, I don’t know what else to do but try to type even though my hands shake so hard I can hardly do it and I can’t stop bawling. In prayer this morning God hit me so hard with the following. Honestly don’t know what to do with it besides weep a ton. Love you all. Time is short. We are His chosen vessels. O God, help us.
Oh My God.
We are not a mighty nation of wealth and example to the world of man’s greatness and ingenuity. We are a nation of slaves, led captive into dungeons of darkness and depravity as our lives are sucked away more surely than a victim of vampires. Our struggle is not against those who would oppress us financially or would roll in with tanks and take away our apparent freedoms. Our war is against the spiritual powers of darkness that have already infiltrated and taken minds, bodies and spirits captive to selfishness and pleasure. In this, the invisible army of evil works through those captives, more insidious than rank upon rank of forced Nazi soldiers, to do that evil lord’s bidding. Through those given to lusts and perversion our entire nation is cut off at the knees and our children are captured, used for the feeding of unsatisfiable lust and then raised up as the next generation of evil to steal the innocence and life’s blood of countless others. We have already lost this battle. Millions are bound in chains of perversion and lust and shame, feeding the insatiable beast within with the innocence and hope of the young, stealing their worth and very lives; creating an army of zombies, convinced their maker has condemned and discarded them to this hell.
We cannot say we care for the eternal salvation of those headed for damnation and hell fires if we do not care for and love those living in this present hell enough to proclaim their freedom and stand with them to proclaim Christ’s authority and break their chains.
Kingdom of Heaven, Arise! Shake off the dust of moldy tradition and take on the armor of weapons designed to set captives free with love that pierces, separating bone from sinew. The captives are not our enemies. They are children cloaked in grave clothes of rotting carcasses who have been doing the bidding of their lord Satan for eons.
Children of Christ Arise! Plead for the Spirit of repentance to sweep our churches and lives of those who bear the name of Christ. Stand up, freed from your own hidden chains, casting off the bondage of doubt and selfishness, cleansed, freed and equipped to be His vessels of faith, authority and power to proclaim the blood of His salvation and the anointing that breaks every yoke.
May our own dry bones arise, taking on flesh, sinew and form, filled with the power of God’s Holy Spirit, no longer serving the Kingdom of men but given wholly to the joyful service of our Holy Father.
May we feel the pain of those in bondage to evil, and love with our Father’s love that melts fear and defies condemnation, casting down every stronghold until there is not one stone left standing atop another and every slave walks out, freed and washed in Christ’s blood of repentance and salvation.

Child of the One True King, wife to the best man alive, mom to four VERY unique human beings & author of two bestsellers:

The Fall

One Night With a Rock Star

with more on the way.

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