30/30 Prayer: Day 4

Get rid of the high places.

In the records of the kings of Israel in the Bible, there would come along a king who served God. If he really meant business, he would even get rid of the “high places” of worship. What were those? High places were where the people would go to pray to other gods. They were the secret places of idolatry.

This morning, God put His loving finger of one of those in my life.

I like being healthy. I like looking healthy. Those are good things, right? Yes, they’re good but they can also be idols if I feel like junk when I’m not on top of my game.

What makes me worthy? Health? Vitality? Youthfulness? Strong healthy teeth & fresh breath?

Honoring the body as God’s temple is one thing but depending on the body to define worthiness is just plain skewed.

I can usually avoid thinking I’m out of line on this issue until there’s a challenge. Sickness, injury, a few extra pounds, and self-worth takes a nose dive.

Depressing situation or opportunity? Time to choose.

God, please tear down this high place of idolizing health and looks to define self-worth and even usefulness to You. Thank You for revealing a place in my life where I rely on me rather than You. I choose to kick self off that throne and worship only You, precious Father. Not because you’re selfish, but rather because You desire only freedom and joy and to keep my feet firmly planted on solid rock that cannot be shaken. You are the only foundation that never fails.

In Jesus’ holy name I pray, Amen.

Child of the One True King, wife to the best man alive, mom to four VERY unique human beings & author of two bestsellers:

The Fall

One Night With a Rock Star

with more on the way.


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