Did Jesus’ Miracles really happen? Wrong question.

It struck me this morning how the miracles of Jesus need to take place in all of us. Wait. Let’s make that even more personal.

The miracles of Jesus all need to take place in ME. 

First, I need new wine, not the old wine religion of man trying desperately to pull himself up by his own bootstraps to be worthy of God but rather supernatural wine given as a free gift celebrating my choice to join my life with the life of Christ. 

After that, it’s an ongoing process to transform the way I think, the way I perceive, the voices I hear in my head and every other aspect of life. To become like Christ requires the supernatural every step of the way. Unless Christ opens my blind eyes, I have no understanding of His truth. Unless He opens my ears, I’m deaf to what He tells me. Perhaps I hear, but there’s no comprehension. His cleansing, like running out the legion of demons, must happen so I am freed from tormenting self-hatred and inner self-destruction. It’s a miracle for me to even realize I’m leprous in the first place, but His touch halts the decay and restores me—born anew.

I have to realize I’m starving for something this world cannot offer before I’ll accept His miracle of fulfilling me in a way food never could. I must realize I’m captive, unable to express what burns inside, what longs for expression so Christ can give me a voice. I am paralyzed, deformed and hemorrhaging until I yield to Christ’s healing touch that raises me out of helplessness and gives me strength to stand. 

I am dead until Christ’s voice calls me out of darkness to a place of hope, the dawn of a new life. 

Then, and here’s the true beauty, I choose to die to selfish ambition in order to decrease so Christ can live through me.

Every step, every miracle, is a choice to go deeper with Christ. We could choose to stop with repentance like those who responded to the preaching of John the Baptist. But that was only the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. For true life in Christ, we take His hand and get to know Him, allowing His miracles to transform us into His likeness. Only then do we begin to take hold of what Jesus called “abundant life,” a life of freedom, purpose, insight, spiritual overflow, joy, peace and effectiveness. This is a life so opposite from our old, all will see the undeniable transformation… a resurrection as dramatic as a dead man walking out of a grave.

Jesus wasted nothing. His short time on this earth was vital and transformational. His miracles proved His love for all, His purpose to redeem all and the power to accomplish all. These miracles shout resurrection for nature, society, relationships and echo God’s love through the cosmos. However, until they take place within us who claim to be His disciples–within me–it’s nothing more than head knowledge, just a pack of weird stories.

Therefore, the question I need to ask is: Have Christ’s miracles happened in me?

*The book that spurred me on to daily prayer: Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig

*Another great resource: God On Mute, also by Pete Greig

Chana is wife of one, mom to four and bestselling author of two. She brakes for old barns, chai, homemade cookies and any time someone needs to watch Pride & Prejudice.

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4 Responses

  1. Hmmm…I believe the greatest miracle of all time happened on the cross, every other miracle that was ever going to take place took it root from this, outflowing from the miracle of the cross. His precious blood poured out for our sake, His death and resurrection openned the door of our prisons so we could be translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light…and while walk with Him, we can expect miracles on a daily basis. Great post maam, bless your darling heart.

    1. Hi there! I’m replying to your kind comment–albeit very tardy in timing. How are you? Thank you for reading & encouraging.

  2. Hi Precarious Sarah!!

    God's got a way of getting to us on every level, eh? Thank you for your unflagging zeal and passion to reach others with Christ's love.

    Hugs and blessings to you, sister-writer!


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