Cover Reveal & Rock Star: part deux Update!


Cover Reveal!

Major kudos to Yvonne of and to hubby, Mark of Couldn’t do this without you!

Also:A general announcement to very sweet, patient, wonderful, forgiving, grace-filled fans of One Night With a Rock Star. Due to circumstances beyond my control–is life ever in our control?–the release date for Rock Star is hereby moved back… not far, mind you, just until July 10.
My sincerest apologies for keeping you all waiting.
Watch for July 10 Kindle date.
Also, putting some very fun bonus material into the print version.
Doing all I can to make it TOTALLY worth the wait.

Much love,


Pardon me while I go continue the Happy Dance.

Chana Keefer is wife of one, mother of four, and bestselling author of three. She loves old barns, old movies and brakes for homemade hot chocolate cookies anytime.

For more information on Chana’s books or to order copies to read and share, visit Chana’s Amazon Author Page.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Melanie,

    Thanks so much for your patience. Can't wait for you to read it. 😀

    Hugs & blessings!


  2. Hi Chana

    I also cannot wait to read it. Super super excited.
    The time difference is making the wait longer – lol 🙂 however, I know it is going to be worth the wait. I am so blessed with reading your work. Have a blessed weekend.

    Hugs and blessings

    Melanie (dancing around my room) yaayyy

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