An Encouraging Word From Our Heavenly Father

Seems pretty cheeky to say one can hear from God and even cheekier to share it with others. But if there’s a chance of this soothing hearts and encouraging us to trust God when we’re discouraged, then I’m sharing. Feel free to pass this on if it resonates with you. Blessings, y’all.

The text of the above message:

Dear children,

I love you with an everlasting love. You are mine. I see your pain. The pain you hide from even yourself. Fear not. I will not leave you comfortless. I have broken the chains but the pain is so near it eclipses your view of My face. Right now, I shatter those chains from you. I empower you and lift you up from the mire. Those things that held you captive have made you strong. As you experience my restoration and freedom you show forth that possibility to those around you in this hurting world. Fear not. They shall not overcome you. You shall overcome evil with holiness, and fear with joy. I am your strong foundation. I speak and the earth trembles, the prison doors crumble, the chains fall away and the cell doors fly open. I am your freedom. I am your fresh start. As you walk with me every day and renew your mind with My truth, your vision clears. Hope arises. Those dreams and callings you believed to be dead are resurrected. It is no longer you who live with the weakness of the flesh but Christ who lives in you–the one who has conquered sin, the grave and all corruption. Trust my deep work on your soul. Trust me with your hidden wounds and shames. My every thought toward you is for your good and your future and never for evil. Rest in my arms and receive love that fills the deepest hidden parts, that soothes the most excruciating pain and breaks open every stronghold and digs up every rooted evil, no matter how deep or longstanding. In my arms of healing you soar to unimagined heights. Old quarrels are forgotten. Unfathomable forgiveness releases your enemies and the poison no longer affects you. Speak to those mountains in your path. Proclaim new life over death. Proclaim joy for mourning. Proclaim adoption for the orphan spirit.

I light a wildfire in your midst. My holy fire springs up and every hindrance, every fear, every curse, every mountain erected in your path is cast down. Rise, my bride, and take my hand. What do those wounds of the past have to do with you anymore? Nothing. They are fertilizer in your field of harvest. They become beauty in my hands rather than ashes. Your family, community, church, country and nation are on the brink of the greatest revival this world has ever seen. Arise. Shine. For your light has come and the glory of the Lord shines upon YOU. Proclaim my love. Proclaim my peace. Proclaim my resurrection over my bride. Rejoice and celebrate before my throne. Shout my praises and kingdoms crumble, families are restored, chasms of division are healed and sickness flees. In the light of my glory, evil melts away and is no more. This is the hour. My wounded bride stands to her feet, looks in my eyes and hears my song of love and eternal home.The grave clothes fall away and the pure robes of brightest white blind the eyes and break the chains of deception. For now, it truly is My Kingdom Come & My Will Done on this earth as it is in Heaven!

Chana Keefer is wife of one, mom of four and best selling author of five. (Check out her new #1 Bestselling Family Classic Annabelle: A Ghostly Texas Tale)

Chana lives in Southern California with her amazing husband, four radically unique kids and a Siberian Husky who reminds her how to enjoy every moment.

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