Over the past decade of daily prayer, I’ve often wondered that God has never sounded the alarm in my heart instructing us to stockpile, build a stronghold or otherwise prepare for tribulation. This morning, He spoke of the coming shaking but it was in an entirely different tone.

We should fear the coming shaking no more than the Hebrew nation feared the plagues of Egypt. The purpose of these things is not a thing of vengeance. Rather the shaking is to display the emptiness of our idols. The purpose of the shaking is to set us free so we can embrace and rely on the one true God.

Image from the movie “Prince of Egypt”

We’re in a land of idols. It’s just a modern version of Egypt. We serve so many but, rather than a god of stone sitting on our mantel, it’s a rectangular, flat-screen god that provides distraction and soothes our pain. It’s little flat, rectangular pieces of plastic we swipe in machines to pay for our wants and needs. It’s small rectangular information and communication devices that make us lord of the details of our lives. (so anything rectangular is evil—joke—just making sure you’re paying attention) It’s the money in our pockets, banks and stock holdings; the car that gets us where we want to go; the readily available food and treats. All of these things become gods because we believe they are our shelter, our foundation and the answer to our needs. Problem is, they don’t last and they don’t truly satisfy. In reality, these multiple gods are our bondage. We are in a prison believing the illusion that we’re masters of our domain. We’re lulled to laziness, not realizing all the things on which we rely are like depending on a flimsy bubble for protection. All of these things are fake, empty gods.

When God shook Egypt, he was shaking their reliance on multiple gods. Not only was he shaking the Hebrews free, He was also proving to the Egyptians the futility of their gods. In fact, many Egyptians walked out of Egypt with the Hebrews and became followers of the One true God.

Rather than fear the coming shaking of the kingdoms of this world, let’s view it from the perspective of a loving God. God’s heart is to show us our idols are empty and unable to save us. He shakes these kingdoms and shakes us free from bondage. Until we realize we’re sitting in a prison, we won’t long for freedom.

Rather than dread and fear, we need to take our cues from Paul and Silas in Acts 16. They were in chains, but they put their eyes on God. As they worshiped, an earthquake shook the prison. The cell doors opened and the chains fell off.

That’s a reason to rejoice, not to fear.

The coming shaking is to prove our gods are fake. They’re not able to save us. They are like building a house on sand. Ease and plenty are seductive but they are a lie and a prison nonetheless.

Therefore, God’s message to us is that we are not to fear what the world fears. We are to make sure our foundation is firmly set on the one rock that cannot be shaken. We don’t scream in terror when the kingdoms of this world crumble. Rather, we bring God’s confidence, healing and salvation to those sitting in ashes of devastation. Instead of condemnation, we bring the compassion and love of Christ. We rejoice only that millions more are ushered into the arms of their loving Heavenly Father. We rejoice in chains falling away and cell doors swinging open.

But remember, those prisoners are going to need someone to lead them into freedom.

That’s the true job of Christ’s body when the shaking starts. We dig down deep through God’s solid foundation to His fathomless river of life and grace. Then we show others dying of thirst how to get to the water.

Child of the One True King, wife to the best man alive, mom to four VERY unique human beings & author of two bestsellers:

The Fall & 

One Night With a Rock Star

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2 Responses

  1. It's interesting Chana that about a year ago the Lord spoke to me about getting prepared for the coming shaking. Not in a hoarding food kind of way, although I do have some supplies set aside in case of electricity outages and/or earthquake. He spoke to me about learning new skills and to teach others do the same…..canning, gardening, animal husbandry (chickens!!), DIY home products and personal products, etc. Kind of pioneer woman stuff that was taught by grandmothers and mothers to their children. We've lost those skills in our modern world. When things "hit the fan" one way we can be a light in the darkness is to help care for others with our knowledge and skills which will open a door to share"God's confidence, healing, and salvation". I'm also hearing (for me personally) simplify, simplify, simplify. Our many possessions possess us. Stuff, debt, distractions =bondage.

  2. Wonderful advice, Leslie. I totally agree. God's been moving me in that direction in a very subtle way for years now. Homemade/non-toxic cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products, etc.

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