It Happened!

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This was one of those landmarks I didn’t anticipate on this weird and wild journey of author-dom.  So far, all my favorable reviews have come from family and friends who, admittedly, have a bit of pressure on them to say good things about THE FALL. But yesterday, I walked in…

Coming Soon to a Barnes & Noble Near You…

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Just found out from the awesome Events Coordinator at our local Barnes and Noble, Lori Christian, that THE FALL will soon be available in their store!!

Thank You Starbucks for the Office Space Partay!!

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Where:  Starbucks at Seco and Copper Hill intersection in Santa Clarita Valley, CA When:  Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011 7 p.m. to when-they-kick-us-out-p.m. What:  A “Thank You for the Office Space” Partay! Who:  YOU! Join us for yummy drinks, fun, a possible live reading from THE FALL (if you beg me…

A Stinkin’ Awesome Review

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What follows is a cut-‘n-paste off Amazon of an incredible review from a highly eloquent, avid-reader friend.  Spoiler alert (not that I expect it to stop ya): several plot points revealed. ************************ 5.0 out of 5 stars Exquisite and horrifying…. not your parents’ Sunday school story, October 28, 2011 By …

Book Launch! The Rapha Chronicles, Book 1: THE FALL!

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Ode to an Old Barn What is it about barns, especially old, run down, paint-gone, forsaken ones?  Why, when I’m in the middle of too-much, too-loud, too-busy, do I long for an old, quiet, isolated, musty barn in a huge, painful way? Photo by Alon Eshel Is it because they seem like a beloved…

High Praise Indeed!

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In my five-plus years of writing at my neighborhood Starbucks in the wee morning hours, the most consistent presence has been Ray.  Daily he will strut through around 6:30 a.m. with a large coffee and ice water, toss out a nonchalant greeting and witty comment, then off he goes. 

Surprise Benefits of a Capsized Dream

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A year ago September, I caught sea-fever. Big time. A beautiful ceremony for departed loved ones in the Santa Barbara Bay left me with a driving passion to sail around the world!Our family after the amazing memorial to my hubby’s brother, Mike, and mom, Carol  Always one to explore, I…

Children of the Nations International

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An incredible organization doing miracles through ordinary people who serve an extraordinary God.  Check out this video–(but be warned, ya might want to clear the room of little kids before viewing) I’m so honored to bring the vision of COTNI to you.  Go to their site.  Learn more.  Pray.  Thank…

Let It Go (guest author)

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My friend Dilyse Diaz is an awesome Family Therapist with a tender heart toward God. She sent this devotion today in her “You Are Worthy” series and it was just too good to keep to myself.  Enjoy!  Chana


Let It Go!

“Why God, WHY?  Why did this happen to me?  Why did you take her so soon? Why did this person have  a terminal illness?  Why didn’t he get the promotion?  Why didn’t you save him but rescued her?  Why did you put me in this family?  Why didn’t you heal my marriage?  Why are you allowing this to happen?  Why is this child born with no limbs?  Why is my child struggling with life and being self-destructive?  Why haven’t you stepped in?  Why did you let me make that mistake?  Why did let this happen like this?  Why!?!”

Angrily yelling at God because we just can’t fathom a reason that He would ever let this happen is a far too common rut we get ourselves in.