A Quote Worth Repeating

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A Quote Worth Repeating

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Franz Von Stuck

This is a quote from someone I asked to give me a statement to include on the cover of my novel.

“My friend Chana is a chaffed knees prayer warrior.  As this book pours out of her soul, one has to wonder…is it a revelation?  She writes of this celestial time before time as if she was there!  It is blessing my soul and entertaining me at the same time.  Deep, ethereal, filling in holes, credible and based on God’s word.”

Wow.  I’ll take it!  That’s been my heart for this project for the past three plus years.  It’s so wonderful to hear from someone touched by what blew me away in the writing process. 

BTW, the title we’ve settled on is:

Rapha Chronicles:  THE FALL

Please continue to pray as we move into the cover design process.  It’s all new territory for me.


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